Manuscript Submission Procedure


By submitting an article for consideration, the author agrees to the terms of the License Agreement (public offer) for the publication of materials and guarantees, for his part, compliance with the rules of publication ethics declared by the publication. The author is aware that an article published in violation of ethical rules is subject to retraction. The License Agreement (public offer) is concluded between the Publisher and the author / authors orally on the terms specified in the License Agreement (public offer), and is legally binding without being signed by both parties.

Articles for the publication in the journal are accepted by e-mail to the address: Editorial office is bound to acknowledge receipt of the manuscripts. If the notice isn't received within seven days, please, duplicate sending materials. The submitted material is registered in the editorial office with the indication of the date of receipt, author's name, place of work, contact information and the title of the material.

Texts up to 1 author's page (40 000 characters with spaces) are accepted to consideration, and for post-graduate students – up to the half of author's page (20 000 characters), but not less than 12 000 characters.

Authors of the manuscripts send to the Editorial Office the following materials:

  • file with an article,

file name: Ivanov_article (the name of the first author is specified);

  • file with a scanned note from the Department of graduate school (for full-time post-graduate students),

file name: Ivanov_note.

The status of the graduate student is confirmed by the reference from the division of graduate studies and is certified by the seal of higher education institution. After submitting all materials, the articles are reviewed and checked through the Antiplagiat system for the purpose of their expert assessment (see the section "Editorial Policy").

The cost of editorial and publishing services for the pre-press publications (literary editing, proofreading, layout, translations check) is 3500 rubles. Payment is made only after receiving a positive review of the editorial board of the journal and their decision to publish the article in a particular edition.

The fee for reviewing of the articles isn't charged.

Articles of graduate students are published free of charge. The editorial subscription is welcomed.

The notes are sent to the editorial office by mail (119991, Moscow, №1 Malaya Pirogovskaya street, Moscow State Pedagogical University for Publishing Activity Management of the journal "Prepodavatel XXI vek") or are sent to the editorial office (Moscow, 88 Vernadsky avenue, Moscow State Pedagogical University, office 446, Publishing Activity management).