About the journal

"Prepodavatel XXI vek" is the all-Russian journal about the world of education listed in the leading reviewed scientific journals included by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in the editions recommended for publication of the main scientific results of Doctoral and PhD dissertations. It is included in the system of the Russian Index of Scientific Citing (RISC).

The journal was founded in 2003.

The founder of the edition is the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Moscow Pedagogical State University”.

The editor-in-chief of the journal is Sergey Dmitriyevich Karakozov, Doctor of Sc. (Pedagogy), Professor, Moscow Pedagogical State University.

Mission of the journal is to promote the integration of University science and education, to develop theoretical and practical potential of pedagogy of higher school of Russia, to create professional, interdisciplinary and international platform for discussion of topical problems of the modern Humanities knowledge and ways of its transmission into the educational process of the University.

The thematic orientation of the journal is created according to its mission and tasks and on the basis of a range of scientific specialties. The subject matter of the journal is the humanities on the following groups of specialties: pedagogical sciences (5.8.1, 5.8.2, 5.8.7, 5.8.4, 5.8.5), historical sciences and archeology (5.6.1, 5.6.2, 5.6.3, 5.6.5, 5.6.6, 5.6.7)  and philological sciences (5.9.5, 5.9.6, 5.9.8, 5.12.3).

Target audience of the journal are the faculty of higher education institutions; the academic workers and experts in the field of the higher education; post- graduate students and undergraduates of the Russian and foreign universities and scientific educational institutions.

Edition identifier: ISSN 2073-9613

The edition is registered in Russian Federation Committee on Printing. The registration certificate No. 014427 of February 1, 2003.

The journal is published 4 times a year. Volume of 400 p. Published in two parts.

Subscription indexes in the United Catalogue "Pressa Rossii" – 85009.