Journal "Prepodavatel 21 vek" - 2021 № 1


Modern Education Issues

Karakozov S.D., Kovalev E.E., Manyakhina V.G., Muravyova O.V., Nikiforova A.V., Smotryaeva K.S. Problems and Results of Forced Transition to Distance Learning of Students and Teachers (Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, Moscow Pedagogical State University) 11

Kadzoeva T.М. A Textbook of Contamporary Russian History: Designing a Model for a Modern School 24

Profession Education Pedagogy

Nozdrov P.A. Comparative Analysis of International Programs and Examinations in History: International Baccalaureate (IB), Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), College Board Advanced
Placement (AP) 36

Fomin M.A. A perspective on Bilingual Education Based on Experience of Working in Two Colombian Universities 49

Isakov V.N. Features of Arranging the Educational Environment when Teaching Technical and Natural Science Disciplines in Higher Education Institutions 56

Educational Topics and Techniques

Kobzar A.N., Podvoyskaya N.L. Analysis of Motivation and Value Orientations of Future Specialists in the Process of Studying Non-Profile Disciplines at the University 67

Vasev D.V. Actualising the Potential of Reading Culture when Training Specialists in Higher Education Institutions 84

Bazhenova I.V., Klunnikova M.M., Pak N.I. Organization of the Educational Process Based on the Cluster of Disciplines 95

Pavlova I.V., Potapov A.A. Experience of Students in Developing Laboratory Stands within the Framework of Project Based Learning 114

Glotova A.V. The Issues of Online Group Learning in Higher Education 122

Shutikova M.I., Matveeva V.A. The Method of Cross-Cutting Tasks in the Formation of ICT Competence in Future Primary School Teachers 133

Bezuglova M.S., Dymova T.V., Sharova I.S. Experience in Using Quest Technologies to Increase the Motivation of Geographical Students to Study in Higher Education 141

Language and Education

Ruzhitskiy I.V., Martynenko Yu.B. Types of Speech Tasks when Studying Russian Anthroponyms in a Foreign Audience (Functional-Communicative Approach) 156

Sokolova G.E. Features of Interactive Teaching of Russian as a Foreign Language in Classes on the Development of Oral and Written Speech 168

Ghalebandi Seyedeh Safoora, Shler Ebrahimsharifi. Difficulties for Persian Language Students when Studying and Using Special Russian Names 176

Wang Yuehan. To the Question about the System of Exercises and Tasks for Teaching the Speaking of Chinese Students on the Basis of Internet Resources 184

Education and Arts

Zubrilin K. M., Razdobarina L.A. Features of the Joint Educational Program Implementation (Russia-China) 191

Saltykova G.M. Organization and Results of Research Work of Students in the Training Direction “Design” 198

Eremina N.A. Features of Forming Environmental Competence of Bachelors of Design in the Context of Social and Ecological Problems 208



History of Education

Chernetsky V.N. Short-Term Pedagogical Courses for Parochial School Teachers in the Tauris Diocese in the Late XIX – Early XX Century 231

Demyanov K.V., Metel O.V. Formation of Staff at History Departments in Western Siberia Higher Education Institutions in the Second Half of the 1930th and the Early 1950th (On the Materials of Omsk and Novosibirsk) 245

In the Field of Social and Culture History

Mojsa A.A., Rostislavleva N.V. Luther and Cranach: the Visual Arts in the Framework of the German Reformation 257

Nadekhina Yu.P. V.M. Doroshevich in the World of Moscow Journalism at the Turn of the XIX–XX centuries 270

Morova O.V. The Workers’ Strike at the Factory of Vikula Morozov’s Partnership on October the 7th, 1897 (An Experience of Historical Reconstruction) 281


Language Theory

Toporkov P.Eu. Impersonality and the Category of State as Problems of Synchronic and Diachronic Linguistics 291

Lexicology and Phraseology

Perederiy E.B. Spanish Phraseology in Modern Lexicographic Coverage 303

Kuzina M.A. Culinary Terms for Ethnic Food in Belles-Lettres (In the Novels by Joanne Harris and Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni) 313

Peshekhonova E.S. Appearance Assessment as a Tool for Creating a Certain Image of a Female Politician in Modern American Press 326

Cognitive Linguistics

Dadaeva A.R. Analysis of Linguistic and Cultural Features of the Concept “Honor/Conscience” Based on Russian, German and Chechen Languages 334

Morozova N.N. Metaphorical Mappings of the Concept “Home” in Contemporary English 344

Grammar and Translation

Gorbachevskaya S.I., Leontyeva V.A. Isomorphism in the System of German Modal Verbs 354

George T.K. To the Question of Multiple Translations: the Infinity of Hispanic Interpretations of K *** (I Remember a Wonderful Moment...) 366

Muntasyra Abdur-Rahman Hamid al-Rikabi, Hisham Ali Hussein. The Structure of Russian Participles: Special Features of the Grammar Meaning of State 385

Phonostylistics, Rhetoric, Pragmatics

Dzhuraeva Yu.A. Specifics of Phonetic Means Used in Film Discourse (On the Material of Fantasy Genre) 395

Gumovskaya G.N., Nikonov A.A. The Peculiarities of the Use of Expressive Means in Play-By-Play and Colour-Adding Commentary in British Football Broadcasts 404

Aksyukhin N.A., Freydina E.L. Pragmatic and Discursive Properties of the English Language Business Discourse in the Form of Online Conference 416


Pogoretskaya O.A. Manipulative Techniques in Italian Political Discourse in the Context of Teaching Professionally Oriented Translation in the Senior Years of University Studies 424

Gorobinskaya N.V. Selecting Internet Resources in Foreign Languages for Learning Purposes: Copyright Issues 434