2019 год № 1 - Журнал "Преподаватель 21 век".


Part 1



Karakozov S.D., Smirnov V.A. To the 150th Anniversary of the Birth of S.A. Chaplygin

Philosophy and History in Education

Dumacheva V.A. The System of Upbringing and Education of Wilhelmina of Prussia (1709–1758)

Pazenko E.A. Goals of Teacher Education in the USA and Russia: Convergence Points

Griban I.V., Baranov N.N. Teach to Remember: the Great Patriotic War in the Educational Space of the Republic of Belarus

Chigintseva O.N. The Model of Self-Realization of the Personality of Adult in the Graphic Activity Characteristic for Western Culture

Modern Education Issues

Basanova T.V. Ethnic Background of the Dialogue of Culture Participants in Contemporary Humanities Research

Petruneva R.M., Vasilyeva V.D., Toporkova O.V. Student in the Era of Digital Society

Bolotova E.L. On the Fundamental Nature of Subject Training of Students on Educational Programs of Natural-Science and Mathematical Focus in Pedagogical Higher Education Institutions

Profession Education Pedagogy

Ichetovkina N.M. The System of Pedagogical Mentoring and Supporting of the Process of Adaptation of Graduates of Teacher Training Institutes 

Bochkareva T.N., Afanaseva E.V., Vorobyeva N.P. Management of Educational Institution Based on Building a Model of Organizational Structure as a Factor of Successful Certification of Teachers

Education Topics and Techniques

Bogdanova S.Yu., Kaverina O.A. Independent Learning in the Context of Critical Thinking Development

Zubkov A.V. Teaching Professional Vocabulary Using the Content of Massive Open Online Courses

Ivanova N.V. The Method of Six Thinking Hats for Developing Cross- Cultural Communication Awareness in the Foreign Language Classroom

Umanskaya T.М. Medical and Biological Components in the Training of Teachers for Inclusive Education

Polehina G.E. Typical Errors in Solving the Problems on the Topic “Limits”

GalyamovaE.Kh. Methodological Peculiarities of the Process of Geometry Teaching Considering the Cognitive Styles

Alekseenko A.V., Alekseenko A.E., Kostin I.V. Pedagogical Conditions of Forming Professional Competence of Future Engeneers in Terms of Laboratory Practical Work

Social Pedagogy

Kolesov V.I., Smolonskaya A.N., Smolonskiy S.I. The Importance of the Family and Family Education in Modern Society

Education and Language

Zankova A.A. Teacher of Russian as a Foreign Language in the System of Non-Formal Education in the Online Environment

A.-K. Mahmood Ghazi Challoob. Didactic Principles of Building Professional and Linguistic Competence in First-Year Students in Iraq Class Rooms

Sopot N.A., Eremeeva A.P. Teaching Orthography on the Base of Understanding of Syntactic Links and Relations

Averyanova N.A. Phraseological Units in Speech of Students of Technical Universities 

Education and Art

Chekantsev P.A. Decorative Still Life in Painting as a Means of Shaping Creative Thinking Among Students Future Designers Education and Arts

Stepanidyna O.D., Tsarkova E.G. Foreign Arias and Romances in the Pedagogical Repertoire of the Students of Higher Musical Educational Institutions

Education and Physical Culture

Dobryanskaya Z.I., Obydennikov G.A., Lukyanets N.V. Ways of Improving Sports Mastery


Part 2



Ryzhenko V.G., Demyanov K.V., Naumov S.S. The Specificity of the Rail Network Segments of the Cultural Space of Major Siberian Town (The Late 20th and Early 21st Century): Toponymic Indicators and Commemorative Simbolics 43

Naumov S.S. Materials of the Personal Funds of Omsk and Novosibirsk Intelligentia as a Source for Studying the Memory of the Past

“Land and Power in the History of Russia”

Some Scientific Results of the Conference “Land and Power in the History of Russia” (A.B. Ananchenko, G.A. Artamonov, E.N. Bolotova, L.N. Vdovina, V.V. Malandin, G.R. Naumova, E.M. Petrovicheva, I.V. Ruzhitskaya, V.V. Fomin, V.Zh. Tsvetkov)

Sidorova L.A. Myth in Soviet Historical Science: The Generational Aspect

Voronin V.Е. V.G. Tyukavkin and Russian Historical Thought

Liseitsev D.V. “Taking with Him... Elected people From All Ranks: Strong and Wise and Permanent”: The Structure of the Nizhny Novgorod Delegation at the ZemskySobor in 1613

Novohatko O.V. Private Correspondence in the XVII Century Russia

Erokhina O.V. Agrarian Reforms of the Second Half of the XIX – Early XX Centuries and Their Influence on the Life of the German Colonies

Verbitskaya O.M. Agricultural Policy and Rural Women in the Years of Market Reforms (1990’s)

Churakov D.O. Study of the Local Wars of the USSR and the Russian Federation by the Students of the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in History

Kiselev A.F. Historical Science and Education: Problems of Synthesis in the Practice of Training History Teachers at Moscow Pedagogical State University (1970s – 2000s)


George T.K. Translation as a Connecting Link and Convergence Factor

Artyukh E.I. Comparative Constructions with Specific Vocabulary in J. Archer’s Works and Their Interlingual Translation

Mohammadi Mohammad-Reza, Ahmadi Mireyla, Baharlou Hadi, Akbari Javad. Common Mistakes in Choosing the Appropriate Russian Equivalents for the High Frequency Islamic Terms in the Translations of the Holy Quran

Matveeva A.A., Muradova L.A. Semantic and Functional Characteristics of the French Pluperfect in the XX — Early XXI Centuries

Voyakina E.Yu., Zaitseva V.V., Mordovina T.V. Verbalization of Concepts from the Field of Economics by Means of Onomastic Metafors

Al Saadi Alla Shinan. Issues of Social Structure of the Language: Linguistic Traditio of Slang Vocabulary Studying

Raheem A. Al-foadi, Zarytovskаya V.N. Phono-Grammatical Cognition in Russian and Arabic: The Bases of Inflected Cognitive System

Momeni Shahram, Ahmadi Mireyla. To the Question of Designating Time in Simple and Complex Sentences with Prepositions «до», «к», «накануне», «перед» and the Way They are Expressed in Persian Language

Naumova E.V. Speech Behavior of a Doctor-Parliamentary Deputy During the Election Debates

Lyubimova E.A. Anti-War Speech in Religious Preaching (On the Material of the Novels “Keys of the Kingdom” by Archibald Joseph Cronin (1941) and “The Power and the Glory” by Graham Greene (1940))

Yagenich L.V. Characteristics of English Scientific Medical Monographies of the XXI Century