Journal "Prepodavatel 21 vek" - 2022 № 1


To the Anniversary

Lubkov A.V., Litvinova I.V., Goncharov M.A. Traditions of Solidarity and Cooperation in the Space of Moscow Higher Women’s Courses


Profession Education Pedagogy

KochurinaT.S. “Pedagogical Design”: Essence and Structure

Noskov M.V., Noskova O.E. Formation of Interdisciplinary Professional Polyсompetence in the Process of General Technical Training

Tolkacheva G.N., Izotova E.I., Paramonova M.Yu., Avdulova T.P., Volobueva L.M., Sorokina O.A. Principles and Tools for Designing a Competency-Based Model for Training Teachers of Preschool Education as an Open Educational System

Gorobynskaya N.V., Chernyshov S.V. Axiological Aspect of University Foreign Language Education and Conditions for Its Development

Kazantseva A.A. The Role of a Textbook in Organizing Pedagogical Practice for Linguistic University Students

Gapsalamov A.R., Kolesnikova A.D., Prokhorova O.S. Conflict Management System as a Direction of Implementing the Human Resources Policy of an Educational Organization within the Digitalization of the Economy


Educational Topics and Techniques

Selemeneva O.A. Using a Differentiated Approach to Teaching Master’s Degree Philology Students

Nozdrov P.A. Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Lesson Planning Based on Social and Humanities Disciplines

Abalyan Zh.A. The Use of the Station Rotation Model in Teaching English at Non-Language Higher Education Institutions

Pavlova I.V., Potapov A.A. European Experience of the Use of Dual Learning (On the Example of Germany)

Golovko N.V. Statistical Study of Problematic Spelling and Punctuation in the Results of the Entrance Examination of Law and Economics Students

Glotova M.Yu., Samokhvalova E.A. Mobile Technologies in Education

Toporkova O.V., Evtushenko O.A., Novozhenina E.V., Sychev O.A. The Use of Digital Technologies in Teaching English Grammar at a Technical University

Anufrienko E.K., Bekuzarova N.V. An Overview of Existing Large-scale Open Online Courses on Augmented Reality Technology


Education and Music

Zakharenkova E.I., Jia Siyu. From the Pedagogical Heritage of A.D. Artobolevskaya

Yurkina O.V. Western Methods for Teaching Contemporary Singers: Cheryl Porter Vocal Method

Yakovleva I.A. Conditions for the Use of Remote Technologies in the Musical Education Process


Education and Physical Culture

Gu Dandong, Makeeva V.S., Mishchuk D.E., Chernov S.V. Didactic Communication of Young Coaches as a Guarantor of Effective Technical Training of Young Basketball Players

Telyatnikov V.V. Researching the Effectiveness of a Set of Exercises on Balance and Stretching




In the Field of Intellectual History

Stepanov I.N. Richard Cobden and His Perception of Russian-British Relations over the Period 1830–1850

Druzhkin S.M., Igaeva K.V. White Emigrants’ Memories about the Civil War in Spain 1936–1939: Features of Military Narrative


Social and Economic History

Smirnitsky A.E., Starikova N.V. Social Protection of Retired Teachers in the First Post-War Decade (1945–1955)

Pashkin A.G. Illegal Arms Trafficking and Its Impact on the Criminal Situation in the Middle Volga Region in 1945–1953



Language Theory

Kvaskova L.V. Text as an “Inner” and “Outer” Functional Unit of Language


Phonetics and Accentology

Dashkevich D. Greek Accent in the Pronunciation of Russian Coronal Obstruents

Tikhonova O.V. “Four Medieval Phonemes” of Spanish in Arabic Script


Lexicology and Neology

Malkerova M.A. Lexicographic Representation of the Word Bible and Its Word-Building Potential

Averina A.V. German Modal Word in the Modus-Dictum Structure of the Sentence

Osilbekova D.A. New Derived Words with the Suffixes -Schik/-Chik, -Lshchik and the Correlative Feminine Derivatives



Gubina E.A. Visual Properties of the Grapheme as a Peripheral Resource in Paragraphemics


Discourse Studies and Stylistics

Baskakova V.A., Boichuk E.I. Comparative Analysis of the Rhythmic Characteristics of V.V. Putin and E. Macron’s Presidential Discourses

Zinovyeva I.N., Smirnov M.K. Functional Features of Lingua-cultural Units in Irish Song Discourse (Based on the Material of Irish Rebel Songs)

Klychkova M.A. Functioning of Phraseological Units in Song Discourse (On the Material of English Language Songs of the Late XX Century – Second Decade of the XXI Century)

Botova E.F., Lavrova N.A. Stylistic Devices as an Efficiency-Raising Tool of Brand Naming (On the Material of English Trademarks)


Language and Culture

Morozova O.A. Specifics of Euphemisms Functioning in the Russian Language World Picture

Antipina E.S., Prokhorenkova S.A. I.A. Bunin and S.V. Rachmaninoff: Modeling the Creative Linguistic Personality and Its Worldview