2020 год № 1 - Journal "Prepodavatel 21 vek"


Part 1


Philosophy and History in Education

Erovenko V.A. University Rhetoric as Cognitive Means of Liberalization of Mathematical Thinking

Arkhipova T.G. State Final Certification in Russian Universities in XVIII – Early XXI Century: Historical Analysis


Social Pedagogy

Berdnikova E.N. Coherent Influence of Educational Process on the Formation of Ethno-Cultural Tolerance of Youth


Profession Education Pedagogy

Gorshkova V.V. Actualization of Anthropological Potential in the Process of Professional Training of a Modern Specialist

Gromova O.N. Goals and Levels of Professional Tasks in the Field of Victimology for Modern Specialists in Economics

Ryzhova N.I., Sokolov D.A. Formation of Professional Readiness for Information and Legal Activities of a Specialist in the Field of Advertising and Public Relations: Goals, Objectives, Criteria

Filimonova E.V. Results of Analysis of Problems of Professional Training of Computer Science Teachers in the Field of Information Modeling


Educational Topics and Techniques

Shterenzon V.A. Modeling the Process of Development and Creation of the Professional Training Content for Applied Bachelors

Chikrizova K.V. Implementation of Google-Based CLIL Course Web Syllabus Aimed to Develop Oral Mediation Skills

Yelchaninova G.G., Melnikov R.A. Difficulties That Arise in the Study of Skew Lines in Schools and Universities, and Ways to Overcome Them

Bredikhina S.V. Methodological Tasks as a Means of Preparing Future Teachers for Teaching Orthography to Younger Students

Wang Yang, Katkhanova Yu.F. Information Visualization Development Trends in Educational Environment


Education and Language

Angel A.V., Volkova E.A. The Role of Intermediary Language at the Lessons of Russian as a Foreign Language in the Context of a Present-Day University

Gu Shii. Strategies for Semantic Reading of Authentic Texts of Historical and Cultural Content in Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language

Fan Yuanyuan, Tarasova E.N. The Use of Homonymys in Teaching Chinese Students the Russian Language at an Early Stage

Wang Yue, Liu Yiru. Using TRIZ Techniques in Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language in Chinese Universities


Education and Music

Stulov I.Kh., Stulova G.P. Stages of Work on the Quality of Timbre Sound of a Pop Vocal Ensemble


Education and Art

Dubrovin V.M., Chekantsev P.A. Landscape Painting: Features of Educational Creative Work


Education and Physical Culture

Gilfanova E.K., Gorbatenko T.B., Sharova O.Yu. Substantiation of the Impact of Fitball Gymnastics and Fitness Yoga Activities on the Health Level of University Students


Part 2



In the Field of Sociocultural History

Morozov A.A. Dynamics of Economic, Social and Legal Development of the English Society in the Elizabethan Era

Dumacheva V.A. The Genre Formation of Women’s Magazine in Germany (XVIII Century): Statement of the Problem

Artemova E.Z. Cultural Features of the Austrian Writer Peter Rosegger’s Perception in Russia in Late XIX – Early XX Centuries


Political History and World Politics

Gurina M.V. British Wheat Supplies to the USSR and Food Crisis in Iran in 1942

Belousova K.A. Role of the West in the Iraqi Coups of 1963

Ryabov V.V., Kozlovskaya G.E. Influence of Western Political Theories on the Process of Forming a Party System in Russia in the Post-Soviet Period


Linguistics History of Language

Mukhin S.V. Dynamics of Germanic Subjective Predicative Attribute with Active Participle


Cognitive Studies

Bolshakova A.V., Soloshenko M.A. Using Cognitive Structures in Teaching Vocabulary (On the Example of English Synonymous Poly-Semantic Verbs Feel and Sense)

Pavlenko V.G., Makarova O.S., Goncharov A.S. Actualization of the Concept “Home” through Speculative Lexemes in the English Culture of the Late Middle Ages



Danilin M.V. The Case of Semantic Correlation between the Russian and English Concepts of “Auding”

Kaverina O.A. Modus Semantics of the Constructions with the Verb “Avoid”



Korzun O.V. Sports Terminological Phraseological Units on the Social News Website Reddit.com

Lapochkina E.V., Stakovetskaya O.K. Morphological and Functional Features of Parasitology Objects and Their Reflection in the Terminology

Yagenich L.V. On the Classification of Veterinary Medical Terminology in Modern English


Discourse Studies

Korolyova L.Yu. Polylingual Code Switching in the Academic Discourse


Comparative Linguistic Studies

Kuzina М.А. The “Goldilocks Principle” in S Rushdie’s Novel “Quichotte” (2019): The Ratio of the Precedent Names, Culturally-Loaded and Exotic Vocabulary

Efimova A.D. Features of Transferring National Specific Vocabulary (On the Example of Names of Means of Locomotion in Vladimir Nabokov’s Translation of the Novel “Eugene Onegin”)

Al Shammari M.J.A. Inter-Language Homonyms in Russian and Arabic Languages

Mohammadi M.R., Ghalebandi S.S., Ahmadi M., Baharloo H. Speech Errors of Persian Speaking Students while Translating Derivative Russian Verbs