Journal "Prepodavatel 21 vek" - 2021 № 2


Profession Education Pedagogy

Luo Wanqi, Bolotova E.L. Management of Joint Educational Programs in the Field of Pedagogy: Chinese Universities’ Experience 11

Yakovleva A.V. Features of State and Public Administration in the Field of Islamic Education 30

Sissoko Mamadou. A Typology of Private Universities in Mali 42

Belova T.A., Britskaya A.L., Kozlova A.A. History of the Formation of Volunteering in Russia (On the Example of Omsk Universities) 50

Osipova O.P., Savenkova E.V., Shklyarova O.A. Transprofessionalism as a Resource in the System of Training Education Managers in a Pedagogical University 58

Nurieva N.S. Foreign Language Teaching in the Context of Humanization and Humanitarization of Professional Education 69

Reutov M.I. Making Linguodidactics an Independent Academic Subject in a Master Course within the Framework of the Pedagogical Program 78

Moklyak D.S. Study of the Reasons for the Decline in Cognitive Interest in Physics among School and Universities Students 86

Educational Topics and Techniques

Matveeva O.Yu. Augmented Reality Technology in Education and its Place in Information and Communication Competence of Foreign Language Teachers 94

Zubkova M.A. Foreign Language Communicative Culture Formation of Engineering Major by Means of Smart Technologies 103

Maslieva Ye.S. The Tasks of Methodological Support of Training Future English Language Teachers for Game-Based Control 112

Noskova O.Eu., Noskov M.V. Competence-Based Monitoring of the Formation of Information and Technical Competence 119

Angel A.V., Volkova E.A., Kuznetsova I.A. Developing a Moral Framework Through Art: On the Experience of Work with Foreign Medical Students 133

Ptitsyna E.V. Master Classes in Technological Education: Features of Their Organization from the Activity Approach Point of View 145

Language and Education

Li Xiaotong. Evaluation of the Russian Textbooks for Chinese Philology Students 156

Pozdnyakova A.A. Spelling Tests for Beginning Learners of Russian as a Foreign Language 168

Al Mogami Azzam Ahmad. Enrichment of Vocabulary and the Formation of Grammatically Correct Speech of Foreign Students When Studying the Text of a Literary Work 179

Abdullaeva Sh.A., Aripova M.G. Imitation Model of Collaborative Projects in Russian Literature Classes 188

Education and Music

Mariupolskaya T.G. P.I. Tchaikovsky and N.G. Rubinstein: Threads of Creative Contact 203

Zakharenkova E.I., Jia Siyu. Theoretical and Methodological Preparation of Music Faculty Students for Work with Novice Pianists 212

Education and Physical Culture

Bolshev A.S., Sidorov D.G., Sidorova O.V. Predicting Students’ Sports Performance Based on Their Physical Development and Functional State 218



From the History of Economics and Social Policy

Klimchenkov O.I. Tax Policy and Taxation in the Years of the New Economic Policy: Historiography of the Problem on the Example of the Nizhny Novgorod Province 237

Gapsalamov A.R. Industrial Management System Reforms in the Second Half of the 1960s – Mid-1970s (On the Example of the Tatar ASSR) 254

Social and Culture History

Naydenova G.N. Casual Life of the Soviet Province: Anti-alcohol Campaign of the Late 1980s in Stavropol Region (Based on the Materials of the Budennovsky District) 262

Yurkina N.N. The Role of Theatrical Art in the Students’ Life in the XIX – Early XX Centuries 276

Pavlova O.A. Organization of Social and Cultural Activities in China as the Implementation of the Model of Sustainable Development and Foreign Policy Strategies of the Country 284


Grammar and Translation

Nechaeva L.T. The Nuances of Double Cases Translation from Japanese 298

Maryam Shafaghi. Structural Free Responses Expressing “Disagreement” in Russian Language (From a Perspective of a Native Farsi Speaker) 303

Zhang Jingtao. The Composition and Functioning of Some Quantitative Combinations with the Meaning of an Indefinite Small and Indefinite Large Quantity in Modern Russian 316

Lexicology, Phraseology, Terminology

Wang Wanwan. Typology of Verbal Phraseological Combinations 328

Li Min. The Term as a Means of Representing the Information Field in the Text of a Technical Instruction 339

Zhao Yuqian. The Lexical-Semantic Groups of English Loanwords in Russian Political Vocabulary 350

Youssef Shorouk. Linguo-Stylistic Potential of Traditional-Poetic Phraseology in Ivan Turgenev’s Novella “First Love” 359

Discourse Studies

Barushkova S.B. Lexical Features of the French Advertising Slogan 369

Klychkova M.A. Stylistic Devices in Modern English Songs Discourse 376

Gender Studies

Radjabova A.G., Gergel O.V. Gender Differences in Self-presentation of Native English Speakers (Based on the Material of the English-language Dating site “InterPals”) 386

Chronicle of Scientific Life

Milto A.V. International Conference “Women in Power, Politics, Science and Culture” 395