2019 год № 3 - Журнал "Преподаватель 21 век".


Part 1


Philosophy and History in Education

Davletbaeva V.B. The Problem of Developing Russian Education in the System of S.T. Aksakov’s Views (1832–1839)

Barkova N.N., Karpenko A.V. Russian Teachers about the Problems of Family Education: Tradition and Innovation

Fando R.A. Public Universities Cultural and Educational Centers of the “First Wave” of Russian Emigration

Education Topics and Techniques

Chutcheva A.V. Development of Professional Competencies: Experience of Using of Innovative Educational Technologies Among Student Journalists

Eremina N.A. Problems of Developing Competence Communications of Future Fashion Industry Specialists within Implementing the New Educational Standards

Borshcheva O.V. Improving Motivation for Learning a Foreign Language in Non-Language University Using Modern Internet-Resources

Abramova I.E., Shishmolina E.P. Teaching Listening Comprehension to Non-Linguistic Students

Merkish T.A. Analysis and Interpretation of Literary Texts as an Integrative Component of Foreign Language Teaching

Education and Language

Freydina E.L. The Role of Embedded Genres and Registers in Providing Contact in an English Lecture

Sergeeva Yu.М. Convergence of Professional and Linguistic Education in High School (On the Example of Master’s Program “Professional Communication in Cross-Cultural Environment”)

Koneva N.N., Vlasova A.A. The Issues of Language Learning Strategies Classification. Language Learning Strategies in Teaching Grammar

Zaloviсh А. Croatian Students’ Basic Phonetic Difficulties when Studying the Russian Language

Wang Yue, Liu Yiru. Teaching Russian Grammar Based on the “Contextual Problem” Method In Chinese Universities

Education and Art

Gusakova I.M. Emotion as a Specific Feature of Art Work and Education

Levashova E.A. From the History of Animation and Multimedia

Volkov D.V. Problems of Portrait Image Analysis in Lead Pencil Drawings

Lvova N.S. Stages of Educational Design Organization in the Environmental Design (On the Example of Creating a Small Garden)

Wang Yang, Katkhanova Yu.F. Formation of Design Thinking in Teaching Practice

Education and Physical Culture

Sabantseva T.V. Individualization of Special Physical Training of Student- Choreographers Based on the Features of Their Body Structure

Karasev A.V., Tsyrkov A.P., Deshevykh I.N., Sysoev Yu.V. Improving Military-Applied Physical Preparation of Conscripts of the Russian Armed Forces

Part 2



Valdman I.A., Krasilnikova E.I., Naumov S.S. Historical Park “Russia — My History”: Regional Content versus Ideology and Meanings of the Main Exposition of a Multimedia Project

Rogozhin N.M., Talina G.V. Models of Administrating the Newly Joint Territories of the XVII Century Russia

Rusova Yu.S. Kadashevskaya Sloboda and West European Trade and Craft Associations: Forms of Organization and the Social Status of Masters

Yurkina N.N. Directions and Contradictions of Stolypin Agrarian Reform

Gao Rongguo, Liu Yay, Pozdnyakova A.A. Reflections on the State Image of China In Goncharov’s Book of Essays “Frigate Pallada”

Keivan Hosseini Asghar. Chinese Public Diplomacy in the Historical Dynamics (1991–2018)


Petrova O.O. Correlation of Single Root Non-Derivative Values and Derivative Verbs Physical Impact-Transformation

Markova N.S. Deictic Locative Adverbs in the Russian Language: Linguodidactic Aspect. Article I: ЗДЕСЬ and ТУТ

Patolyatov D.A. Metro-Rhythmic Features of Free Verse and its Transitivity In Igor Kholin’s Poetry

Yu Mingxiu. Forms of Imperative in the Meaning of the Condition

George T.K. On The Ambivalence of Writing: Interpenetration of a Text and Socio-Political Context

Shakurova E.S., Starchikova I.Yu. Some Features of Building Verbal Persuasion Process

Selivanova I.V. The Image of the Monarch in the Christmas Messages of Juan Carlos I and Felipe VI

Popova A.V. Linguocultural and Linguostylistic Peculiarities of Donald Trump’s Inaugural Address

Morozova N.N. Culturally-Bound Phenomena in Christine Lagarde’s Speech “Winds Of Change”

Kuzina M.A. A Variety of Precedent Names of the European Source in Multicultural Art Discourse (On the Material of the English Language)

Kharitonova I.V., Belyaeva E.E. Verbs Denoting the Sounds of Fauna in French: Phenomenological Analysis


Banaru G.A. A Book about Professor Bazylev. Review: Bazylev Vyacheslav Timofeevich. A Scientist, a Teacher, and a Friend. To the 100th Anniversary / compiled by N.I. Gusev; editorial board: N.S. Denisova, A.A. Rylov. Moscow: Intellect Center. 2019. 624 p.: ill.

Matveeva A.M. “Color Revolutions” as an Anti-Freedom Virus. Review of the Educational and Methodical Publication: What you Need to Know about the “Color Revolutions”. Textbook / Ed. by A. B. Ananchenko, 2nd ed. Moscow, 2018

In Memoria

Melnikov R.A., Masina O.N., Druzhinina O.V. To the Memory of Yuri Nikolaevich Merenkov (To the 70-th Anniversary)